1. Premium subscription special - When you purchase a Premium membership plan (3 month or greater) you can choose to upgrade to the 6, 9, or 12 month plan free of charge!  If you do not want to upgrade your membership plan you can also choose to receive the Creamy Pussy Amateurs Flash Drive FREE of charge! 


2. Flash Drive Special - When you purchase the Creamy Pussy Amateurs Flash Drive you can choose to receive a 5 day Premium membership subscription FREE of charge! 



Once you have completed your Premium membership purchase send us an email with your Username if you want to be upgraded to the next membership package.  If you would like to receive the free CPA Flash Drive please include your Name, Delivery Address, and your Username.

If you purchased the Creamy Pussy Amateurs Flash Drive and you want the FREE 5 day Premium access email us your Username and full name that you used when making your purchase.